Simplify your project by allowing us to partner with you in every step of the process:
inception, design, build, and ongoing service support.

Reduce Overall Costs

EC Electric, Inc.’s in-house design and construction services reduce your overall cost and allow for a seamless transition from design through construction and ongoing service assistance.

Using EC Electric, Inc. for both design and build provides an effective way to help your project stay on time and within budget. In addition, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the electrical warranty of your finished product in its entirety rests in our experienced hands.

Looking for a partner to complete the electrical aspects of your project from start to finish? Discover what our multifaceted team can do to streamline your strategy.

Design Phase

During the design phase, we create a detailed schematic based on your specifications that will maximize both quality and value. Once approved, we utilize the schematic along with any additional feedback or requests and develop a design, budget, and schedule.

Construction Phase

Throughout the construction process, our intricate knowledge of the design and material needs of the project will allow for effective communication, expert installation, and minimal delays. When your space has been commissioned, we’ll continue to be there whenever you need us for any service or change requests.

Contact Our Team

Please contact us for an estimate or for your other electrical needs.