EC Electric, Inc. is committed to electrical safety by complying with all applicable federal, state, and local ordinances.

Training and Reviews

Each year, our employees complete several training seminars and are certified in First Aid/CPR as well as hold other OSHA Certifications.

Each week, our Foremen perform a “tool-box talk” with their employees to discuss different safety procedures and rules.

We also participate in Workers’ Compensation reviews and have an independent audit of our safety rules and regulations.

Fully Equipped Sites

EC Electric, Inc. provides each job site with fully equipped first aid kits, proper eyewear and skin protection, and an emergency procedure handbook.

Employees are required to wear safety glasses and other protective equipment in compliance with regulations and whenever they operate power tools.

In addition, employees must use safety devices and guards at all times, and they must use appropriate fall protection equipment when working six feet or more above floor level.

Employees are required to follow Lockout/Tagout, Hazard Communication, and all other OSHA Standards.

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